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Son mari lui annonce qu’il est gay, elle lui offre la plus belle des preuves d’amour en retour

Evelyn Bonilla était une épouse comme les autres. Mère de deux enfants, cette Américaine filait le parfait amour avec Henry Veguilla. En 2008, elle trouve son compagnon distant. Elle se persuade qu’il cache quelque chose. Il fait toujours très attention à lui, il est obsédé par sa silhouette comme par les vêtements (“Est-ce que ce pantalon me fait de grosses fesses ?”) et il reste bloqué sur l’ordinateur familial. Evelyn commence alors à se poser des questions.

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Evelyn Bonilla Chose ‘Love, Compassion And Understanding’ When Her Husband Henry Came Out As Gay

Huffington Post – August 18, 2014

Evelyn Bonilla joined HuffPost Live to share the very personal story of how she reacted when her ex-husband, Henry Veguilla, came out as gay. Bonilla, who has two children with Veguilla, said she’d suspected her husband may be gay for about a year. She eventually confronted him when she discovered email correspondence between Veguilla and a man he’d met during his business travels in New York on the family computer. “When I read those emails, I was actually relieved, because it confirmed for me what I suspected and it validated that I wasn’t crazy,” she said. “That was the moment of truth for the both of us.”

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What Happened When I Came Out to My Wife and Kids

Huffington Post – June 1, 2014

How do I look? This was the about the fifth time I asked my wife that question. It was a Sunday morning about five years ago. I kept trying to grab her attention as she folded laundry and watched T.V. Parading around in nothing but my boxer-briefs I kept jumping in front of her. Look at me! What do you think? “Stop it, get out of the way!”, she snapped back. “You look good.” She was annoyed. Just okay? “For the hundredth time, you look great!” “Your arms look good and your ass looks great!” “Now stop it!”

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